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Don't Feel Like Rafting? We Have Lots of Other Activities to Choose From!

From Rock Climbing to Fly Fishing we have it all. See all Aspen has to offer from a Hot Air Balloon or check out the beautiful views on a Scenic Driving Tour. If you want to do it, chances are we can accommodate you.


Call for more information & to book the below activity options - Aspen: 800.282.7238 || Snowmass: 800.282.7238

Gunnison Gorge Rafting & Flyfishing

Blazing Paddles is one of two companies who pioneered commercial raft trips on this remote and largely inaccessible section of the
Gunnison River. Horses are used to pack our gear one mile down into the depths of the Gunnison Gorge; there are no roads to the river, and access is difficult. The canyon is enchanting, and the scenery is spectacular from beginning to end. Everywhere there are calm, deep green pools famous for their abundance of rainbow and brown trout.

As one of a handful of companies permitted to operate in the Gunnison Gorge, we are dedicated to providing a quality wilderness experience. Our river staff is professional and enthusiastic. We are fly fishing experts who have added whitewater skills to our repertoire in order to take our clients to this remote sanctuary. This is a first class angling experience! We throw in the scenery, the great food, and the unforgettable evenings around the campfire for free.

To maximize the fly-fishing experience and to allow our guides to interact with their clients, trips are conducted with two anglers per boat. We require a minimum of four clients per trip and a maximum of eight. If there are less than four in your party, there is a possibility of combining groups.

The Gunnison Gorge is one of the last true wilderness fly-fishing adventures in the West.

14'er Peak Climb

Climb a peak over 14,000 feet with our professional and experienced guides. Various routes offer varying degrees of difficulty making
Colorado 14'ers an enjoyment and exceptional experience for everyone. Peaks include North and South Maroon (the Bells), Pyramid Peak, Snowmass Mountain, Capital Peak, Mount Sopris, Elbert, La Plata and Castle and Conundrum peaks.

Pyramid, the Bells and Capitol require a mandatory qualification and training day prior to the climb. Additional peaks, routes and areas are available upon request.

We recommend wearing hiking boots, pants or shorts, and a base layer.  Remember to bring multiple layers that are synthetic or wool (no cotton) including: fleece layers, waterproof jacket and waterproof pants, warm gloves, two pairs of socks, and a warm hat and sun hat. 

Other items to bring: sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, minimum of 2 qt water bottles, camera, hiking poles, and food and snacks.  

Peak Climbs have a 7 day cancellation policy.  We are not responsible for delays or cancellation due to weather conditions, trail conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. We will make every effort to reschedule or offer advanced notice of route changes if and when possible. We reserve the right to turn around, change or modify all trips at any time without refunds or credit.

Rock Climbing


Rock climbing classes are available for novice to advanced climbers.  All classes teach basic skills, including knots, belaying, and movement on rock. Full and half day classes are available with AMGA certified guides.  All safety equipment such as: harnesses, helmets, climbing shoes, ropes, and anchors are included.

We recommend wearing long pants when rock climbing.  Shorts are less preferable due to getting small scrapes and cuts on your legs.  Always bring a warm layer such as a fleece, warm hat and sun hat, 2 pairs of socks, and a waterproof jacket with a hood. 

Half and Full Day Rock Climbing Trips have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  Trips cancelled within the cancellation period will be charged in full.


Horseback Riding


From a two hour trail ride to a multi-day adventure on horseback, we have you covered!  There are numerous options for horseback riding in the Aspen/Snowmass area.   Enjoy riding through Aspen groves and Pine forests, accessing remote lakes and streams, and viewing spectacular scenery from a saddle. What better way to experience the West than from horseback?  Allow us to recommend the perfect ride to suit your needs as a family, individual, or custom group. 

We recommend wearing jeans or long pants, sturdy shoes or boots and a hat.  

Fly Fishing


Fly fishing for wild trout in the unspoiled waters of Western Colorado is surely one of life's greatest pleasures. The Aspen/Snowmass area, with the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan Rivers at its back door, is the center of the finest wild trout fishing in Western Colorado.  Both rivers are designated as Gold Medal Rivers by the Colorado Department of Wildlife to signify outstanding trout fisheries.

The Roaring Fork River originates high in the Rockies near Independence Pass and flows through Aspen, emptying into the Colorado River. One of the best-kept secrets for many years is the great spring and summer insect hatches along the Roaring Fork, producing incredible dry fly fishing for months on end.

The Frying Pan River is a tail water fishery with controlled water release from Ruedi Reservoir, and is a thirty-minute drive from Aspen or Snowmass Village. The Frying Pan is well known by avid fly-fishermen across the country for its outstanding insect hatches and year round fishing. Spectacular vistas of mountains and canyons and sightings of mule deer, elk, and wild duck and geese are common experiences for anglers.

We provide waders, but we recommend you to wear long pants and wool socks.  Hats or visors are highly recommended.  Polarized sunglasses help to see the fish in the water.

Hot Air Ballooning


During the course of your flight, we will give you the pleasure of flying high, in order to fully appreciate the magnitude of the mountains, as well as low to see what it's like to fly close to the trees and animals. Upon landing, you will be treated to a champagne brunch.  Our pilots will share the history of ballooning while our chase crew is busy stowing the equipment.

Trips leave early in the morning when the air is brisk.  Once in the air, you will feel no wind, and the BTU burners reflect heat to help you keep warm.  Dress in warm layers. 

Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to flight time.

Aspen Motorsports Park

Aspen Motorsports PERFORMANCE DRIVING DAYS puts you in the driver's seat with the comfort and knowledge gained from your race car orientation and review. You get the fundamentals of High Performance Driving from our skilled pros. You are fast-tracked with driving basics: performance skills of acceleration, braking, and overall handling...step by step, turn by turn! Skills that will stick with you, making you a better everyday driver!

Suit up! Outfitted with a race suit, helmet, gloves, and driving shoes, you're readied for the race cars! Our SCCA Spec Racer Toyota's are a rare breed of speed, looks and performance. As the excitement builds, you follow our driving instructors on the course learning brake points, turn ins and the Racing Line getting you the awesome, feel of the race car and track! Once the driving line is under your belt, we turn you loose! The exhilaration and high speed printout confirmation of your lap times and Certificate of Completion as a momento of one extraordinary experience as a graduate of Aspen Motorsports Park PERFORMANCE DRIVING DAYS.