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Don't Just Visit, Have an Adventure

Whatever you are looking to do, Blazing Adventures is sure to have the right package for you. 

  • Kids and Family

    Kids and Family

    Looking for an adventure the whole family can enjoy? Well look no further because we have the trip for you. We have crafted these children friendly activities following years of experience and research. Our well trained guides are ready and waiting to provide you and your family with an interesting, fun-filled and most important, safe adventure.

  • Nature and Wildlife

    Nature and Wildlife

    Come see the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond the way that nature intended. We go back to the basics on our carefully designed and crafted nature and wildlife tours by letting the beautiful natural scenery speak for itself. Through years of experience we have selected areas that are best known for their plentiful wildlife and breath taking scenery.

  • Culinary Trips

    Culinary Trips

    Join us for an evening of laughs, live music, beautiful scenery and of course, delicious food. Gorgeous mountains are one thing, but add in the golden rays of the waning afternoon sunlight and you have amazing.

  • Easier Adventures

    Easier Adventures

    Want to get a little taste of adventure without rafting in white water or racing downhill on a mountain bike? We have trips to fit everyone's preference. If a nice, relaxing afternoon of sight seeing sounds just right to you, then you've come to the right place.

  • Intermediate Adventures

    Intermediate Adventures

    Looking for an adventure that will get your heart rate up without giving you a heart attack? Then try one of our intermediate adventures, they're not too hard and not too easy but just right.

  • Advanced Adventures

    Advanced Adventures

    Not for the faint of heart, these adventures are designed to get those who are not easily amused, completely pumped! Raft down a class five, climb the steepest mountains, race single track down hill and feel alive!