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Experience some of Colorado’s best whitewater rafting with guides who live and breath the river life. Blazing Adventures got it's start as the first whitewater rafting company in Aspen Snowmass. Since 1973, our love for rafting has continued to grow and grow. Allow us to share our passion with you and your family and provide an experience that will stay with you forever!


Stand Up Paddle boards or SUPs are the hottest new sport on water and an exciting way to spend an active day on the river. SUPs are recommended for any adventure seeker looking for an exciting workout or just a thrilling way to spend the day. Whether you're a pro or a first timer, there is no better time than now to stand up and paddle!


Test your paddling skills on one of our inflatable kayak or "ducky" trips down the Roaring Fork River. Our inflatable kayak trips are very popular in August as the natural river flows drop. Your guide will demonstrate how to navigate your kayak and stay together as a group. Let your guide take the lead as "momma ducky" and all you have to do is follow. Of course, "daddy ducky" will be close behind, too.


Experience quiet mountain trails, incredible views, and high alpine landscapes as you hike one of the many trails that lead deep into the White River National Forest. Hiking under the gaze of the Maroon Bells is an experience that you won't soon forget. Our knowledgeable guides enhance the hiking experience by focusing on wildflower identification, ecology, geology, and history along the way.


Biking is a way of life in Aspen Snowmass and we want you there with us! We are the only biking outfitter to offer a downhill cruise against the backdrop of the beautiful Maroon Bells. Our more adventurous offerings include a number of single track biking trails throughout the Snowmass area. Our variety of bike trips provide something for everyone regardless of age, skills, or experience.


Travel where few people get to go in our rugged, but comfortable, off road Jeeps. Sit back and relax as we take you deep into the heart of the Elk Mountain Range in one of our custom sightseeing Jeeps. Our Jeep tours range from mild paved road tours to the true off-road Jeeping experience of Taylor Pass. Our Jeep tours are a photographer's dream.

Sunset Dinners

Supper the way nature intended - Beneath the stars with family and friends on a Sunset Dinner. Our Sunset Dinner is the most unique dining experience in Aspen Snowmass. Start your evening climbing Snowmass Mountain in our four wheel drive jeeps as we make our way to the rustic Burlingame Cabin for our dinner. The BBQ, S'mores, musician, and breathtaking sunset are sure to make for a memorable evening. Bring your family and friends!

Custom Trips

We are professionals at designing custom trips that are unique to you and your party. Want an intimate experience that is exclusive to your party alone? Want to avoid the larger groups and make it all about you and your family? We take great pride in our ability to treat you to an adventure that is all yours. Let us create the ultimate outdoor experience for you in Aspen Snowmass!

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There is a lot that goes in to making an adventure safe, fun, AND exciting. We get it, there needs to be something for everyone in your party. Combining safety, fun, and excitement is our goal. Whether you are a family with small children or an adrenaline junkie, a party of 1 or a group of 100, we have the fun for you. Your idea of exciting may be a quiet hike to Crater Lake, biking at the Maroon Bells or blasting through Class IV+ whitewater rapids in Slaughterhouse. We understand and can make any trip exciting based on your specific wants and needs. The key ingredient in making your adventure complete is that we will always prioritize safety. Our guides are extensively trained on safety and all guides have a minimum First Aid/CPR certification with a number of Swiftwater Rescue Technicians, Wilderness First Responders, and EMTs.

Meet the team


Blazing Adventures is the original whitewater rafting company in Aspen. Established in 1973, we’ve been rafting for a long time! Our customer service, training, and expertise is second to none. Raft with the best at Blazing Adventures!

Raft guides live by the motto “Cotton is Rotten”. Leave the cotton at home for this adventure. Swim suits and quick-dry shirts are your best friend. We have quick-dry river shirts at both our Aspen and Snowmass offices. Stop by before your trip or call the office and we’ll bring them to you.

Cameras are fine before and after you get on the water. During your rafting trip, we highly recommend that you leave the camera on the bus. You will get wet!

Change of clothes. Again, you will get wet. It’s nice to have a dry set of clothes for the ride home.

What we provide:

  • Life Jacket or Personal Floatation Device
  • Helmet
  • Wet Suit if weather is cool
  • Neoprene booties for your feet

You can wear your own river shoes as long as they have a heel and will stay on your feet.  No flip flops allowed.

Lucky for you, the whitewater rafting in Aspen is great from May to October. We do, however, have different recommendations based on when you’re visiting. Our peak flows are usually in early June. This is also when the water is near its coldest temperature. Later in the summer, the flows recede and the water temps increase. Two of our rivers are dam-fed and provide us with controlled flows and quality rafting well into October. See below for recommended sections based on the time of year:

May through mid-July – We recommend the Roaring Fork River. Sections include Slaughterhouse (IV), Upper Roaring Fork (III), & Lower Roaring Fork (II)

Mid-July through August – We recommend the Colorado River or the Arkansas River. Colorado river sections are Shoshone (III) and Grizzly (II). Arkansas River sections are Numbers (IV) and Brown’s Canyon (III).

September on we recommend Colorado River only.

We base the minimum age on size and general ability levels for those ages. Minimum age can fluctuate based on current conditions and river flows. We understand that each child is different. If you have any questions on your child’s eligibility based on their size and ability, please call us as we would be happy to discuss! 970-923-4544

Fortunately, Blazing Adventures is permitted to raft on multiple sections of 3 beautiful rivers in Colorado. Our recommendations for family fun are:

Shoshone section of the Colorado River

Lower Roaring Fork section of the Roaring Fork River

Browns Canyon section of the Arkansas River

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