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Whitewater rafting is where it all started for Blazing Adventures, and it continues to be the root of our company. We proudly boast the most experienced whitewater rafting guides in Aspen Snowmass.

We invite you to experience some of Colorado’s best whitewater with guides who live and breath the river life.  Allow us to share our passion with you, your family, and your friends. Our goal is to provide an experience that will last you a lifetime!

We offer something for everyone on three nearby rivers: The Roaring Fork River, located in the heart of Aspen, the Colorado River, which flows through spectacular Glenwood Canyon, and the Arkansas River, which offers a breathtaking drive over Independence Pass.

Public trips may have more than one party during transport and on the river. For private transportation, customized pickup times, and meal options, go to: Custom Trips

Pick Your Trip

Upper Roaring Fork

The Upper Roaring Fork is the most popular whitewater rafting trip in Aspen! The Upper Roaring Fork is the perfect blend of mellow floats and exciting rapids.

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced - Beginner
MIN AGE: 8-10 (flexible)

$130 adult, $120 child plus 10% wilderness usage fee


Slaughterhouse is the ultimate whitewater experience in Aspen! Hold on tight for the six foot drop over the famous Slaughterhouse Falls. Aspen's premium summer thrill ride.

SKILL LEVEL: Extreme - Advanced
MIN AGE: Adults (16+ Only)

$140 adult plus 10% wilderness usage fee


The Shoshone section of the Colorado River is the ideal family rafting experience. Enjoy fantastic whitewater and awe inspiring views of Glenwood Canyon on this popular trip!

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced - Beginner
MIN AGE: 4-12 (flexible based on flows)

AM TRIP:  $160 adult$150 child plus 10% wilderness usage fee.  Includes BBQ Lunch.

PM TRIP:  $140 adult$130 child plus 10% wilderness usage fee

Browns Canyon

Browns Canyon offers a scenic drive over Independence Pass followed by an amazing day of Class III-IV rafting through one of America's newest National Monuments!

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced - Intermediate
MIN AGE: 10-12 (flexible)

$180 adult, $170 child plus 10% wilderness usage fee

Lower Roaring Fork

The Lower Roaring Fork rafting trip is excellent for young children, elderly guests, and those interested in ecology and wildlife. This mellow section is a family favorite!

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate - Beginner

AM TRIP:  $160 adult$150 child plus 10% wilderness usage fee.  Includes BBQ Lunch.

PM TRIP:  $140 adult$130 child plus 10% wilderness usage fee

Triple Shoshone

Our Triple Shoshone rafting trip is so fun, we run the rapids not once, not twice, but thrice! Three laps through the rapids in stunning Glenwood Canyon on the Colorado River.

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced - Intermediate
MIN AGE: 8-12 (flexible)

$140 adult, $130 child plus 10% wilderness usage fee


The Numbers is a thrilling section of rafting on the Arkansas River. Enjoy the stunning drive over Independence Pass on your way to and from the Numbers.

SKILL LEVEL: Extreme - Advanced
MIN AGE: Adults (16+ Only)

$160 adult plus 10% wilderness usage fee 

Inflatable Kayaks "Duckies"

Test your paddling skills on one of our inflatable kayaks, known as "duckies". This trip is a hit with thrill seekers and beginners alike.

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced - Intermediate
MIN AGE: 10-12 (flexible)

$975 (1-3 guests), $325 each additional guest

**This trip is only booked as a private adventure**


Blazing Adventures is the original whitewater rafting company in Aspen. Established in 1973, we’ve been rafting for a long time! Our customer service, training, and expertise is second to none. Raft with the best at Blazing Adventures!

Raft guides live by the motto “Cotton is Rotten”. Leave the cotton at home for this adventure. Swim suits and quick-dry shirts are your best friend. We have quick-dry river shirts at both our Aspen and Snowmass offices. Stop by before your trip or call the office and we’ll bring them to you.

Cameras are fine before and after you get on the water. During your rafting trip, we highly recommend that you leave the camera on the bus. You will get wet!

Change of clothes. Again, you will get wet. It’s nice to have a dry set of clothes for the ride home.

What we provide:

  • Life Jacket or Personal Floatation Device
  • Helmet
  • Wet Suit if weather is cool
  • Neoprene booties for your feet

You can wear your own river shoes as long as they have a heel and will stay on your feet.  No flip flops allowed.

Lucky for you, the whitewater rafting in Aspen is great from May to October. We do, however, have different recommendations based on when you’re visiting. Our peak flows are usually in early June. This is also when the water is near its coldest temperature. Later in the summer, the flows recede and the water temps increase. Two of our rivers are dam-fed and provide us with controlled flows and quality rafting well into October. See below for recommended sections based on the time of year:

May through mid-July – We recommend the Roaring Fork River. Sections include Slaughterhouse (IV), Upper Roaring Fork (III), & Lower Roaring Fork (II)

Mid-July through August – We recommend the Colorado River or the Arkansas River. Colorado river sections are Shoshone (III) and Grizzly (II). Arkansas River sections are Numbers (IV) and Brown’s Canyon (III).

September on we recommend Colorado River only.

We base the minimum age on size and general ability levels for those ages. Minimum age can fluctuate based on current conditions and river flows. We understand that each child is different. If you have any questions on your child’s eligibility based on their size and ability, please call us as we would be happy to discuss! 970-923-4544

"Of all the rafting companies in the area, I HIGHLY suggest you go with Blazing. You will not regret this amazing, life changing experience!"

Bella E

"This was the best experience. Our raft guide was amazing. She was so kind to my 8 year old son. Let him paddle, helped him swim in the river and answered all his 100 questions with a smile on her face. We had the best time and highly recommended Blazing Adventures."

Turbo J

"All their equipment is nice and getting to/off the water was so easy and convenient. Best company in this area!"

Charlotte P

"We went on the Upper Fork, and it was awesome. We are from Miami, FL, and this was our first time rafting and it exceeded expectations. Our guide was very funny, but it was clear he was experienced and knowledgeable, and kept our safety first priority. Highly recommend this."

Michael H

"We had a fantastic time whitewater rafting with our 4 teens! Each one of us had a memorable time and enjoyed the beauty, as well as the adventure. This was a highlight of the trip for many of us!"

Krista P

"Our river rafting trip was fantastic. Guides were extremely knowledgeable and made the trip a lot of fun. This is an adventure not to be missed if you are in Aspen."

Jan A

"I was so impressed by how our river rafting guide took care the kiddos in the boat."

Jessica R

"Me and my 5 kids, ages 10-18 went River Rafting for our first time. Blazing Adventures made sure to have a guide who was good with kids. Our guide was great! He made the trip really fun for everyone. We all had a great time."

Steve W

What To Bring

  • Wear your bathing suit with a dry change of clothes over top – Quick dry shirts are available for purchase.
  • Sunscreen
  • Croakies or a strap to keep your sunglasses on
  • Shoes or sandals you don’t mind getting wet and that will stay on your feet.  (We recommend you wear our wetsuit booties, which are included)
  • Cash for guide gratuities
  • We provide pfds, wetsuit booties, splash gear, helmets, and wetsuits in the case of cool weather

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received more than 72 hours prior to your scheduled trip to receive a full refund. You have the option to purchase Trip Cancellation Guarantee for an additional 10% of your invoice total, which would allow you to cancel up to 7:00 PM the night before your trip for a full refund. Any cancellations after 7:00 PM the night before your trip will be charged 100%, regardless of whether you have the Trip Cancellation Guarantee or not. If you choose not to purchase the Trip Cancellation Guarantee and are within 72 hours, you will be charged 100%.