Inflatable Kayaks “Duckies”

Test your paddling skills on one of our inflatable kayaks while floating down the Colorado River. Let your guide show you the recommended line and then it's all up to you. Inflatable kayaks, also known as duckies, provide the perfect introduction to kayaking, as they are more stable than a hard shell kayak and easier to navigate. This is an exciting twist on a traditional raft trip, as you are in charge of guiding your own kayak, but we are still there to help you along the way.

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced - Intermediate
MIN AGE: 10-12 (flexible)

$138 adult, $128 child (12 and under)

Pickup AM: 8:00

Trip Features

  • Class II-III whitewater.
  • Half Day Trip (Approximately 6 hours)
  • Door to door transportation from all major hotels
  • Includes Riverside Lunch